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Wilson WTF9400 GST Skill Hvid

Wilson WTF9400 GST Skill Hvid

Wilson WTF9400 GST Skill WH. TackTech Palm teknologi giver materiale som sikrer en fantastisk boldhåndtering. Forstærket, let og åndbar stretch materiale på oversiden, der giver maksimal ventilation. Velco lukning ved håndled. TackTech 3D Skill Palm Technology designed specifically to grab and hold the football. Ergonomic palm segmentation design allows for excellent fit and hand flexion. ProFuse Technology provides an exo-structural compression at the backhand for secure fit and stability Light and breathable stretch poly backhand for maximum ventilation Reinforced thumb-index finger extension points increase durability Right-Fit double pull slant strap wrist closure provides snug and secure fit. Wrap around finger construction for additional glove surface area and maximum grip

kr. 250,00


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